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Last Night in the Nursery...Monday June 26, 2017

This is from when we had dinner at the Thompsons with Elder Sam Yiou and his mom.
Featuring Brother Thompson's photo bomb!

This is some of the ladies in the ward on Sister Brady's last Sunday in Jinhae!

The Stake President had a big dinner at his house for Sister Brady's last day!

Hello Hello!

Training is officially complete, do I feel trained? Nope, but that's okay! That also sent meant my cute trainer, Sister Brady, left me this morning. I don't think I've been that sad since I left for my mission. She's going to serve on Jeju, which is an island by Japan, which means I probably won't see her before she goes home. With that being explained, yes of course there were tears! I'll be staying in Jinhae with my new companion, Sister 박소영. My lack of Korean skills isn't ready for this, but it's going to be quite the adventure! She knows a little bit of English, and our grandma flip phone has a translator, it may become my best friend this transfer! 

This week we had a new family show up to our English class! When they walked in, none of us knew who they were, and we were all super surprised. People don't just show up to our English class unless we talk to them! The lady told us when she was in middle school, like 30 years ago, she met with the Sister missionaries. When she got into High School she stopped meeting with them because she was too busy, but remembered how much she loved meeting. She also remembered our free English program and wanted her little girls to be exposed to more English. She remembered the name of our church (which is a miracle in itself) and searched it to find when and where our English class was. After this, Sister Brady and I talked a lot about positive touches. There are so many things in our life we don't understand or feel like we aren't making a difference, BUT you never know the path the Lord has laid out. After a while, all of these positive touches add up and make a huge impact on someones life. It's definitely made me want to be a better person all of the time, so that I can always be ready to leave the touches the Lord wants us to. You never know what it can do!
Love you guys!!
Sister Stout

Hey there was a cool story I thought you would want to hear I forgot to tell you! I thought mom would like it. There is this man that owns a car shop kindof by our house so we walk past it all of the time. When we walk by we always say hi to him. The other day he called us over and invited us inside for some orange juice. We sat down with him and this other lady that worked there and they told us all about their family and stuff like that. They also asked us about missionary work. The lady asked how old I was and when I told her she about lost it. She kept asking me if I wanted to see my mom! And saying how I was a baby and my mom needed me! It was really cute. In Korea people odn't really move out of their parents house or get married until they're in the 30s, so for me to be alone in Korea was crazy to her! When we left she ran in the other room and grabbed this huge box of a brandnew 20 peice tupperware set and gave it to us! How sweet is that? They also invited us to come over for dinner some time! It was super cool! I thought it would make mom feel good!
Anyways Love you! Have fun in yellowstone!

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