Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy 24th of July!

Pre Ice Skating Stretches!

Ice Skating!

How many Sisters can you fit into an elevator?

PakBooJa's cat, it's turning evil!

Bracing the heat with all the Grandmas!

This has been another good week, but there can never be a bad week when you start it off with going ice skating! There is nothing like ice skating for P-day in this weather! It's like we can finally fit inside of our freezer.

We had a super awesome service project this week. We went to a special needs home and cleaned, it broke my heart. I don't think those bathrooms had every been cleaned, we spent 2 hours scrubbing 2 bathrooms. The things we found in those bathrooms, ewww, but so worth helping out these cute kids. It was so sad to see the circumstances they'd been left it.

We also spent a lot of time in Milyang. Milyang is so beautiful, it doesn't get more country than there. The branch has 9 members, one who is from North Korea, so that's cool. The whole area is just fields and mountains, I swear there are more wild cats their than people. While we were there we planned a youth activity, which couldn't be done without water balloons. It was so much fun with everybody! The area that the church is in is really sketchy, I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to put it there, but we did the activity outside in this little alley way. It was so sketchy, yet so awesome! The next day at church, oh this cute little branch, everyone talks like every other week. We did a musical number in church and even with our iffy tune they loved it! Seriously the cutest little branch, I really hope I get to serve there again later on. There may not be a lot of people, but the love in that branch is amazing. It's cool to see how Christ's love never changes no matter where you are. 
Love everyone!! 
Sister Stout

Hi Brother and Sister Stout.  We met your sweet daughter today at the Jinhae Ward in Pusan.  She was happy and very happy and very helpful translating the primary lessons to my girls.  The Koreans said her Korean is very good.  She is in a very loving Ward family.  My husband served in this Ward 20 years ago.  We are Matt and Holly Mathison from Dallas Texas.  You would be so proud of your daughter.  She is working hard.  We hope our girls will serve as faithfully with a happy heart.

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