Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Birthday!I

Literally eating rocks with the cutest Korean girl ever!

Happy 20th Birthday Laken!!

These are rocks that they eat....they taste just like you would imagine!

I GET teased as being the area they decorated the computer room for my bday and got me a yoga mat! 
Surprise party for Laken!

Lunch with the youth. And the most white people ever seen in a restaurant! Zone P-day!
The Olympic Torch coming through!

Hello everybody!

Sorry, last week was just kindof insane and I ran out of time to send a big email, but today is the redemption round!

This week started off with our zone pday! So much fun, but i think I enjoy them more when I dont have to help plan them. Haha. However, it went great. Somehow we managed to 22 missionaries all over town without losing anyone or missing any buses. (a miracle in itself!) We went to one of the biggest Buddhist temples in South Korea, its huuuge.  We were super worried about how it would turn out, but everything went smooth and i think we broke the record for the most korean speaking white people on one bus! 

Tuesday we had exchanges with our 호계 (hogye) sisters. I went there and was able to spend the day with Sister Stott, it was like throwing it back to the MTC. 24 hours wasn't enough to catch up on everything thats happened over the last 10 months. (We've never gotten to serve close together!) Plus our birthdays are on the same day so we took each other out to a fancy dinner. No better way to celebrate our birth week than together.♡ The heavens were celebrating too because it snowed!!! The Zone of the mission we are in is known for never ever getting snow, so it was a magical day!

Wednesday we unexchanged, and then exchanged with our 신정 sisters. I got to go there and spend the day with Sister 황수경. That was the only way we could get schedules figured out and its safe to say I was dead after. I got a solid 6 hours of sleep between the two nights combined...but have no regrets, it was so great! They're both such adorable missionaries that I love so so much.

Friday, hehe.  Like the weirdest but also best day ever. We had interviews in the morning with President and got to see our district. I stinking love these people. We were waiting for President to be ready in one of the rooms, then all the lights turned off and they were singing happy birthday with a cake. They're literally too much. Nothing is better than starting a day with interviews and cake with the District and President!

Then the day went a little weird. We were visiting a less active lady in the ward whose from Russia, Gulmira. We visit her every week and have gotten really close, i guess as close as you can with such a huge language barrier. So we're all talking studying Korean, and she pulls out this bag of rocks...for us to eat! We literally all sat on the floor in her living room and ate rocks.😂 Her father in law sent them and apparently theyre special (except they didn't look special, they looked like she picked them up outside!) and full of calcium. Surprisingly, they aren't as hard as you would think, except they tasted pretty nasty..well how you wpuld except a rock to taste if you decided to eat it. BUT my advice would be to stick to not eating rocks! 

Then that night jumped to the biggest miracle and most prepared person I've ever taught on my mission. We met this sweet lady named, 이시은, sticker boarding a couple weeks ago, we met with her last week, then again Friday night. We taught her English, and then she ended the English study early because she said she had all these burning questions about the Restoration pamphlet we had given her. As we taught her the Restoration, the spirit was so strong and she was so excited and in love with everything we said. When we taught her about the first vision she couldn't stop smiling and kept saying how amazing it was and how she couldn't get rid of her goose bumps. Then I dont think it couldve gotten better after she asked if she could please buy a Book of Mormon no matter the price. We were all in tears. I cant even put the power of that lesson in words.

And Saturday was my birthday!! Literally I got so spoiled, it was the best day. Sister Oh made me my favorite Korean food for breakfast (And if you knew Oh you would know how insane that was, this cute girl is a 100% microwave and ramen person! Hahaha) and decorated the house in cut out ducks...she kills me, it was awesome! Later we met up with the young women and they took us out to lunch. They both got me cute little presents and wrote me cute love notes. They came back to the church with us to help us prepare for English class. As English class ended, everyone started singing and in came out MCM leader with a cake. Seriously I have so much love for these people♡ He came with us to visit some less active member and then took us out to a super fancy meat buffet. Then we spent the rest of the night talking to missionaries that called to sing happy birthday and eating ice cream. I got soo spoiled, i couldn't be more blessed than to be able to serve with all of these amazing people. 

In Sunday school this week a quote from conference was shared and i wanted to share it with all of you. 
"Being happy doesnt mean to slap a plastic smile on your face no matter what is going on. But it does mean keeping the laws of His and building and lifting others."
With all the different types of people I've been able to meet, one thing I've learned the most is the truth of this quote. There truly is no way to find true happiness without the gospel. People who don't have it, or choose not to embrace it, truly never can find that eternal peace and comfort amongst life and trials. And on the other side, watching people let Christ touch their life and let Him change them. He has the power to change and bring is eternal happiness richer than we can imagine.

So hey, if there's someone you know whose needing that extra unconditional love and direction, well, you know what theyre in need of. Dont over think it, just share it with them♡

Love the gospel. Live the gospel. Share the gospel.

I love you all! Thanks for all the birthday wishes♡

Sunday, December 31, 2017


The MCM leader bought me peanut butter for Christmas!

The bird took my name tag off! 

The Ocean New Years Morning.
Bird Park last P-day...Christmas

Hey everybody!

Happy New Years and Happy Birthday!!!! In Korea everyone turns a year older on New Years, not their actual birthday. Birthdays are actually not even that big of a deal here, but woah is New Years a party. So heres for turning 21 before even turning 20!🎉🎉

I dont know how I keep ending up with like no email time, sorry family. But Christmas week has been a busy one. We spent our Christmas Pday at this huge bird park! Its seriously like a bird version of sea world. We spent like 6 hours there and were still not ready to go, plus met Santa and his pet parrot, whose going to be giving Rudolph a run for his money. This place had everything, snakes, (Elder Paul saw his first real life snake-ha New Zealanders) alligators, huge fish, sharks, penguins, dogs to play with, turtles, parrots, all the kinds of birds that look like parrots, ostriches, ducks and just everything inbetween. I mean when growing up you always thought you were going to go somewhere more exotic with lots of cool animals on your mission, but then you go to Korea, where the only free roaming animals are cats, bird parks is where its at.

We did soo much this week. Starting with I got to skype my family, obviously making this week the best ever. Since the wifi at our church was out we had to skype at a cafe, yes that was kindof lame. But hey, thanks to all the people in the cafe if helped me avoid tears. Ha thats one way to do it. 

This week our RC was in the hospital, so we spent a whole lot of time there. And the thing that shocked me was how hopping the hospitals here are. There are so many hospitals and literally theyre the place to be, so many people. In Korea they dont really have doctors offices, just hospitals, and everyone goes to the hospital for everything. You have a cold- go to the hospital. You have an excessively stuffy nose- go to the hospital. You stubbed your toe- go to the hospital. You get the point, aka there are so many people there! We decided if we just proscelyte in the hospital instead on the street, there will be more people and they cant ignore us as easy.👌

This morning we were able to get special permission to get up insanely early and take a bus with our investigator and the Elders and their investigators (our investigators are living together) and go to the beach to watch the new year sunrise. Its a huge thing to do here. Everyone does it! It was absolutely beautiful and so much fun. But ignore how warm it lopks in the pictures because it was actually freezing! Another fun different new years thing, here instead of a ball drop type thing, they do a big bell ring at midnight. We were talking about the ball drop in English class and tryingto explain it out loud made me realize...well its kindof weird. Haha.

We also got to do exchanges this week with our 방어진 sisters. (Bangojen i don't know, spelling is something like that!) I was able to go to 방어진 with Sister Coon and learn all kinds of great things from her. We got a last minute phone call from this well known kindof crazy member in the ward saying he wanted to take us and the Elders to sing to the branch president in the hospital because he got random nose surgery no one knew about. (Mmm maybe supposed to be a secret? Oops) So we went with them thinking it would be a short little thing, until we're driving...driving....driving. Finally we get there, get out and realize he took us to another area! (He's not a fan of rules😂) We sang super quick, get back in the car and he says "I buy you American Pizza!" Types Costco into his phone and off we went...going into another area of the zone. The whole time we were driving i was thinking, hmmm safe to say Im fired! We got to Costco, and ate so much pizza I was sick. (Dear family and friends, please dont ever make missionaries eat more food than they can/ ever want to!) Going to Costco was fun though, its literally like stepping into a mini pocket of America. Smells the exact same! Anyways great first exchange of the transfer...and possibly the last. ;) 

As for the rest of the week we spent meeting investigators and actually met a couple new investigators, all in their 20s and one of them seems super golden. Its been a week of more miracles in our cute little corner of 경주, thats for sure! Gotta love Christmas miracles.

Love and miss you all♡


Sister Stout

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

Hey everybody!


Today the Wi-Fi at the church went out so we ended up with no email time, so if I didnt email you back, sorry, next week! 

Christmas miracles just keep on going, this has been another fantastic week. If feels like they just always get better and better. 

Best thing ever this week. So Sister Oh wants to learn all kinds of American slang so we've been teaching her. Well Elder Lee made her a set of flash cards full of popular American slang (and not so) and boy has she been studying them. We were getting ready to leave the house and head an appointment and we kneel down, pray, get ready to leave and she says, "Lets blow this popsicle stand!" After i got control over laughing, I was like....hmmm.... probably dont say that in America! She also likes to write down all of the slang she hears me say, which lets just say isnt the best. The other night we sat down getting ready to go to bed, she pulls out her planner and says she has some English questions. Well, she had written down all the slang i had said that day and wanted to know what it all meant, the difference between oh crap and oh crud, when to use which... it makes you really think about what you say when you know someone is writing it all down!

This week was full of Christmas activities!! We had a Christmas party in Busan, where our district performed (and nailed) a dance to a remix of a Christmas snowman song. We may have less friends now because of it but it was totally worth it. We also finished caroling to all the members houses this week and planning our ward Christmas party. The ward Christmas party, thankfully, went good and we liced! We put together a skit of the differences between America's Christmas, Korea's and New Zealand's. (Because that's where Elder Paul is from) Then at the end tied it together to Christ and the reason for the season. And Santa made an appearance at the party too, aka autimatic huge success. 
Even cooler than Santa though, biggest miracle. The branch here is pretty small and our building is just the second floor of this office type building. Which means, everyone knows everyone and everyone knows if someone new comes. Well that night this man was walking by and was drawn to the church. He came in walked around a bit, then walked up to the Elders and said, I want to learn about your church, there something special here. The Elders are going to start teaching him next week and it was such a cool miracle to be able to see. Christmas time is such a cool time to be a missionary.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and remember the reason for the season. 

Sending love💕
Sister Stout

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Merry Christmas! December 18, 2017

All sharing obviously the best candy ever. This doesn't exist in Korea, Sister 
Oh tried it for the first time, we were all super excited. (Thanks Erin Foster:))

Sister Oh bought me this duck gummy because she knew I loved ducks. And I got this cute picture in the mail from Weston, from feeding the ducks. Good times.

Missing our train after MLCM, calls for a picture. Joys of getting lost.

Our Christmas Card!

Our Christmas proselyting activity in the downtown area of Pohang with our district!!

Our investigator 이미진

Hey everybody:)

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is staying warm. It is literally so cold. I never realized how cold it could be without snow. I definitely decided it should be against the law for it to be so cold and there not be lights or snow. If it's going to be cold, you may as well be able to build a snowman.

So much has happened this week! Woah. Christmas miracles are real.

First, a mini throw back to last week. So Saturday a sweet older couple in the ward took us, the Elders and the youth out to lunch after seminary. It was good, everything was fun. We were sitting in a little side room. In Korea they have rooms off to the side that close off and you sit on the floor with low tables. It's like having a private room. We were eating there and then the older couple had to leave early. They got up to leave, left, closed the sliding door and right as they closed the door both of the Elders go "Ahhhhhh" straightening their legs out under the table (the pain of sitting crossed legged is real!) And Sister Oh flings her arm out and tips over the pitcher of water! Everything turned into a wreck in 10 seconds. It was like flaws of the missionaries coming out the second the authority left. The Youth all looked at us, and it just turned into a 5 minute laughing session, like not the normal haha funny, but the hard to breath and you can't seem to stop. 

Well, Heavenly Father decided to whip us into shape this week, probably because of that. Or Satan is tripping us, maybe a mix of both. But that's been the joke all week. "Hmm well if we hadn't done that, maybe we wouldn't have missed our train...*as we stand there and watch it drive by us*" Haha. This past week Sister Oh and I have been running from appointment to appointment with our heads cut off. I don't know how, but we can't seem to catch a break or find time to hmm I don't know, eat dinner. Haha. But hey thats the best way to have it! 

So Christmas isn't really a thing in Korea. I mean it is, but it's not a holiday, there are no lights or trees and it's just kindof a normal day. Pretty much only church members really celebrate it. Anyways, so we decided we needed to get in the Christmas spirit! We have been making Christmas tree shaped banana bread, with a wrapped up Book of Mormon to give their friends and a Christmas card we made to all the members and then caroling to them. It has been so fun! Definitely getting us all into the Christmas Spirit. And our members are seriously gems. All of them had names and a plan of who they were going to share the Book of Mormon with. They amaze me.

As a District we deicded to share the Light the World challenge with, well the world. This week has been so awesome. We met with our District in Pohang and got permission to use a window in the downtown area. And there we're asking people to write the name of someone they love on a sticky note and are building a huge Christmas tree out of them. Then we talk to them about how they can show love this Christmas and all that fun stuff. The Pohang missionaries (they're cool.) wrote out 3000 Christmas invitation card to come to church that we're handing out like candy. We aren't done with it yet, but hopefully will be this next week. Holy cow. Doing it, I don't know if I've ever been colder in my life. Wind blows you to the core!! But it's been a super fun project.

This week one of our investigators told us she wants to get baptized. She has a lot to work on to help her get there, but it has been so cool to watch her change and see the way the atonement is changing her. It has been a huge testimony builder, being able to grow with her and see how the atonement and Christ's love has no limits. 

Love you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas
XOXO  Love, Sister Stout