Monday, May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018

Our walk back from the hospital!

The last district meeting

               Our exchange with Jeju sisters

The day we climbed stairs for a half hour to find a members house, only to have the wrong address

Hey everybody!

Sorry I've been lacking on typing up a group email. I somehow keep running out of time, or think I'll do it in a little bit, but then end up not! Oops. Anyways...

The last couple weeks have been super busy, but great! We saw lots of miracles, lots of drama in the Branch, (it could literally be made into a movie met cool people and are now somehow on the last week of this transfer. I feel so many mixed feelings about going home coming soon... but I find that just pretending it's not is working best! 

Some random events this week, we had a Musical Fireside in Youngdoe. All the members had prepared things to perform and it was super fun. Going great, and this young man in the ward got up and started singing this American song that is really popular in Korea. Which happens to be a super naughty song, and he sang his little heart out. It was one of those moments as a foreign missionary, being the only ones that understand it, that you just Dang. What do we do? All the cute old people in the branch are just cheering and everyone loved it! I'm just exchanging glances with the American Elders, we both just shrug our shoulders... haha what are you going to do?

We also were able to do have exchanges with our Jeju sisters, Sister Welch and Sister Raju! They flew in Tuesday night and left Thursday morning. It was fun having other Sisters around, being the only Sisters in the Zone gets kindof lonely. Every time we do exchanges with Jeju I realize why we don't have 4 Sister houses, there would never be anyone sleeping! It was also Sister Welchs birthday, so we were able to celebrate that with her which was super fun!

A cool miracle from the last couple weeks. So two weeks ago we were walking down the road and this lady fell so we ran to go help her up. She has a bad leg, so we carried her stuff and helped her back to her house. We sat with her at her house and drank lemonade, sang hymns together and were able to share a message. She had met the missionaries at some point before, but her daughter had blocked our number from her phone. She said she didn't know how to unblock our number but to come by again at the same time. Well everytime we tried to visit, she wasn't there and we were super bummed! Well fast forward to exchanges and Sister Welch and I were walking down that same road from before and saw her! She asked us to help her home, and when we got to her house, her daughter was there. At first... I was obviously a little worried because she had blocked our number. BUT we were all able to talk, had such a good time AND she unblocked our number. We'll be able to keep meeting with her and her daughter. The Lord, like always, is preparing our path, people's hearts and is leading His work. I'm so thankful to be able to be a small tool in His hand and do His work here on earth.

I'm sending my love♡♡

Sister Stout

Monday, April 30, 2018

April 30, 2018

Hello again!

How are you all doing? I hope everything is going good at home. This week was fun, a lot of random things happened!

Tuesday was fun. Every Tuesday morning we go visit our dear Grandma in the hospital, the mother of all missionaries. It's always an exhausting, interesting event and it seems like by the time the four of us leave, we're exhausted and need, as Sister Choi says, healing! Highlight of meeting with her this week was she asked my companion for a pen, well, she didn't have one. So the next 15 minutes she spent chewing her out saying, "What kind of a missionary doesn't have a pen?" "If you don't have a pen, how will you ever be a successful missionary?" and, "What did your parents even teach you growing up?" The rest of us were crying trying to hold back laughter. In the midst of her rant, I gave her my pen, thinking she would stop and use it, but she just held it to shake at my dear companion, then when she was done, just gave it back to me without using it! Healing time after was definnitely needed, so that night, we meet with our investigator, Sister Ahn, because she is literally just an angel. You talk to her and just feel uplifted. We got a good spiritual boast with her and were able to talk about Eternal Families. 

Random fun Wednesday, hahahaha. Well, a Recent Convert in one of our areas invited us to this little old people concert she was in. We went and when we walked in, there were all these old people on the stage, line dancing to a popular country song. Throw back to the barn dances in Avon, Korean style. I think it officially took the win for the strangest thing I've watched in Korea, but it was also really cute! 

We go visit another older lady in the hospital every week and sing her a couple songs. My companion is really good at singing and I'm just, well me. So we went and were singing a song and my companion decided to keep it fresh and sing the alto part, well it threw me off so then I didn't know what to sing and it all ended up crashing and burning! Fail. Oops. What's a missionary that can't sing Hymns?? Haha.

We were able to go to visit our investigator, Sister Kang, at her house this week and meet all her little kids. That was the best. There were a lot of good appointments this week!

This week we planned a super awesome Family Home Evening night, last time we had a really good turn out, so we were really excited. It ended up being, well the family of missionaries, plus the Branch President and his wife! 

I promise, I had a point in listing off all those kind of weird, random, sort of fail of activities. We talked about our "failures" this week in district meeting and I wanted to share it with you all. A lot of time in our lives, we only focus on the times we fall, the things that didn't turn out how we planned, or our insufficiencies. We label them as failures and allow Satan to use them to his advantage. BUT that is not part of Heaven Father's plan. Our failures aren't supposed to push us down, but help us become better people and learn to rely on the Lord. I wanted to share a quote from conference that I loved. It is from the talk "Until Seventy times Seven" by Elder Robbins.

"Success isn't the absence of failure, but going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm." 

How great is that? And as we rely on the Lord we can find happiness amidst the storms, trials and things we see as failures. In the end, becoming better people than we ever could be without them. 

Trust in the Lord and His plan my friends♡ 

Love you all!


Sister Stout

Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 23, 2018

Hello everybody!

Well I officially survived the first week of another transfer! It was super great! My new companion is Sister Choi and she's awesome. She actually is the Korean sister I was with in the MTC and then came to Korea with. Best part, she loves scary movies and has watched every episode of Criminal Minds multiple times! When she told me that I was like, ah yes this is going to be a great transfer. Hahaha. She seriously is hilarious too, I can't even describe it. For example, she had told me she likes to hide, but I had no idea what she actually meant, until one night I walk out of the bathroom and all the lights are off. I walk over to my desk and there is a sticky note that says, "Find me." ......... considering all the scary stories that had been told the last couple nights, it was horrifying! So I grabbed our roll of tissue paper and start walking around the house until I feel something reach out of the closet and grab my ankle! I squeeled, she laughed, I hit her with the tissue papers, good memories all around! 

It feels like not a ton happened this week, but some random highlights. We had our service activity, like we do every Wednesday. I swear peeling over 40 onions does something to you! Elder Kim and I sat and peeled onions in the corner of this big kitchen, crying and talking about life, vampires and who we would be if we were in Twilight for an hour. We help there with a bunch of cute ladies and one came up behind me and put a candy in my mouth. Of course, a coffee candy and there was nothing I could do about it. I don't know if I've had a stranger experience like that on my mission, sitting on the kitchen floor, wearing a huge apron, boots, big gloves, cutting so many onions I like can't see through my tears, and eating a coffee candy. It was a pretty strange day, but definitely one to remember!

Friday we had STLTM, which was the best because I got to see tons of my favorite people! After we had to head straight to the hospital to take our dear Grandma to her appointment at another hospital with the Elders. I never thought that could be such a difficult task. It's not getting her to her appointments that is hard, it's getting her to go in willingly! Or the best is her telling you to got to the end of this hall (Haha you do what Grandma says.) and then you sit there because there is no door, but she swears this is where the X-rays will be taken.... sitting...waiting.... But she got her cast off and I don't think I've ever seen her happier! She was smiling and rubbing the doctors head as he cut it off. Then she turns to us and says, if you would've brought me my scissors, we could've done this earlier! Hahaha so many weird things every week here! 

You couldn't think the week could've gotten better, but it did. Highlight of the week, our investigator asked us on Saturday if she could come to church with us, see the baptismal font and while she was saying the closing prayer she said thank you for helping me find the true gospel and letting us learn about it today. She literally is so cool, and so prepared. I feel like I've waited my whole mission to find someone this prepared and willing to listen! 

This week I came across a scripture 
that has really stuck with me I wanted to share with all of you! It is Alma 47:6 and says,

"6 And they had appointed a man to be a king and a leader over them, being fixed in their minds with a determined resolution that they would not be subjected to go against the Nephites."

I love how it talks about how they were "fixed in their minds with a determined resolution." If we decide we want to do something, with the Lord's help, we can accomplish anything. I think Satan likes to make this hard for us to see sometimes. There are hard things along the path that may just make us feel insignificant, like we're failing. There was a quote I remember hearing in Young Women's that said, "The difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks is how you use them." Along our path, because none of us are perfect, we all fall, stumble and have moments when we feel like we're failures. BUT that's not true! Through every "fail", we grow, we learn and we become more capable than we were before. Through each of our learning experiences, we are becoming more of who the Lord wants us to become, who He needs us to be. We have to keep our minds focused on the big picture and where we want to go, what we want to do. Truly as we keep our minds "fixed with a determined resolution," there can be no other outcome than things benefiting us for our good. The Lord knows best and is sending us exactly what we need.

Sending lots of love!

Sister Stout

April 16, 2018

Hello again!

I don't know how I always run out of time for this..oops sorry. But this week transfer calls came again! Sister Ju got transferred and my new companion Sister Choi came. She actually is the Korean Sister I came to Korea with, so it'll definitely be fun. 

This week was really great, probably the best of the transfer! It feels like things are all starting to work out and all our hard work is starting to be seen. Thank goodness! It's getting me excited to see what this transfer has in store. 

With this transfer coming to an end, I feel like I have a lot of different thoughts I want to share, but due to the lack of time I just want to leave you all with how much I know the Lord knows each of us individually and really is listening to your prayers. I feel like I've learned that a lot over and over again this transfer, as well as doubted it too. I've learned so much about the plan He has for each of us, and if it was all easy we wouldn't be able to learn. Trials and times He takes to humble us, is what shapes us to become who we need to become. I know as we go to Him and take our troubles to Him, He won't take them away, but He'll make them possible. Through Him, we really have the power to do anything. 

Have a good week,

Sister Stout