Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy Chinese New Year everybody! We kicked off the week going with our district to a Meerkat cafe. Confusion aside, not a place where you eat them, but you can buy drinks and sit and play with them. It's a magical thing, there are friendly Meerkats, Raccoons, those small Kangaroos that may as well be called Kangaroos because that's what everyone calls them anyways...obviously it was a great day. 

Anyways, Chinese New Year!! is huge here, way bigger than Christmas. (sad) Big holidays normally mean no one on the streets, which is true, but in my area it means there are a million foreigners. I've never seen more foreigners in Korea than I have this week! They always say the only scary thing about Korea are the foreigners, which after this week, I fully agree. Everyone was out of town for the most part this week, so we weren't able to meet with very many people, but we took that time to heart attack all of the members front doors. Along the way we met a lot of really cool people, just all around was a good time!

A cool miracle form this week! On Sunday we were sitting with one of our investigators, Sacrament ended, and there is this lady sitting in the back of the room that I've never seen before. We go up and start talking to her, turns out she started investigating the church like 10 years ago and used to come to church all the time. She had a baptismal service and right before it started, her husband called and said if she went through with it to not come home. She still loves the church and knows it's true. It's so amazing how much some people have to sacrifice for the church, when I feel like I've just always had it. I feel like that is a lesson I'm never going to stop learning.

Sending love!

Sister Stout

Monday, February 5, 2018

Heey...still me


Soo we had a meeting in a city like an hour away this week. Took a wrong bus, and were going to be late, so we ended up having to take a forever long taxi ride there. I should really learn directions.
And Baskin Robins 31 days!

Hello loves❤

So this week was cool, I hit my year mark which was insane! Celebrated with Baskin Robbins ice cream, aka it couldn't have gotten better. I seriously can't wrap my head around the fact it's been a year. I never thought time on a mission could go so fast. Other exciting news, at our STL meeting this week they announced that in a few weeks we are officially becoming a Facebook mission!  The Lord is definitely pushing His work forward and I'm pumped to be part of it!

This last week has been super funny. I forgot what it's like to walk the streets here with another American as white as me, especially someone like Sister Monson. Our lives are a joke. So there is this big road that goes through the city we cross everyday, but there's a part of it without a light. I don't really know how to explain it very well. Essentially it's a four lane road, it has a cross walk, but no light to tell us to cross, you just go for it. Whenever we would cross it before Sister Oh would just say, "I am a car." ....and just go for it, then I would follow her like a scared puppy who didn't want to get hit by a car. So this week Sister Monson and I walk up to this cross walk.....I look at her and say, "I'm scared of cars." And she's like, I got this. So she starts walking into the road and puts her hand up like the little kids do, and this car in the next lane just steps on the gas and Sister Monson jumps back into me! Apparently if you're not actually Korean it doesn't matter if you're a pedestrian. Ha darn all these Americans!

We had the coolest miracle this week. Exchange miracles are awesome, plus Sister 조희수 is just awesome. During exchanges they went English sticker boarding. We pretty much just stand there with a board and get people to stick stickers on it and it has English questions. We talk to people, advertise English class, all the good stuff. Anywho Saturday night after exchanges we were calling contacts of people they had met and this girl had watched the video about Christ on the pass along cars they gave her and loved it. She kept talking about how well made it was and this special feeling she felt when she watched it. Then she asked us how soon we could meet and we said...hmm Church in the morning at 10? The next morning there she came with her friend too! They stayed, loved it, and asked if they could come every week. It was such a cool miracle, I think it took Sister Monson and I a second to pick our jaws up off the floor. 

Just want to leave you all with something I've been thinking about this week. I got asked to give a talk on anger (Yes for real!) in District Meeting and it's gotten me thinking about how much everything we do is a decision we choose. There's a talk by Gordon B. Hinckley called Slow to Anger and if you have time, you should totally give it a read. Anyways, it talks a lot about how we may not always control our circumstances or other people's choices, but we can decide how we will react and how we will let it affect us. It all comes down to our choice and how we are going to let it affect us, whether that's for good or bad. I love this gospel that I get to share everyday and watching it touch peoples' lives. I love this beautiful place I get to serve, the people I get to serve, my family and I love Sister Oleson! (Haha)

Sending lots of love♡

Sister Stout

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Welcome to 경주!

Last District Meeting!

It's so cold that all of the water in the toilets at the church froze! 

 The coldest day in Korea after we got punked and were making our painful walk home!

                                     Our investigator 이시은


A dog we saw with a purple tail! Oooh Korea.

Hello everybody! It's me again.

This week was just kindof funny. I got my new companion, Sister Monson. She's a doll. Every member that she has met so far at first like freezes, and says..."Like President Monson?"  And then the longer they look at her, it's followed by, "Oh my gosh you looked like him too!" It's hilarious. We haven't successfully gone to bed this week before 12 yet because we can't stop talking and laughing. I literally feel like I'm a new beehive back at Girls Camp and can't close my mouth! And the craziest thing is, we were talking and I mentioned something about Burley, and she stopped walking. Looked at me and said that her Mom grew up and Burley and that's where all of her family on her mom's side lives. Whaaat? I think the phrase it's a small world is over used, but woah it definitely applies!

This past week was the coldest week that Korea has had in over 6 years! It definitely felt like it. There was specifically one day that was the coldest Korea has had for forever (The humidity and wind goes to the bone!) I just have to tell this story, it's too funny and pathetic not to! So that day we had a lunch apppointment at one of our Less Actives/Recent Converts house with the Relief Society Presidency. (big deal!) We're super tight with this lady, except...she always likes to punk us! She's a little special needs and I think she feels a lot of love knowing we come over to her house. I don't know. Anywho. It's all set and we leave the house and make the 30 minute walk in the freezing cold to her house. Knock, and she doesn't open the door. Hahaha but we can totally hear her in there telling her dog to be quiet so that we don't hear here. We call her, reject. Again, reject. I call the Relief Society President and apparently the morning of she sent a text to all of them canceling...except us! And there we stand in the freezing cold. Poor Sister Monson...Welcome to 경주!!...? Hahaha good first day!

That same day we went on a wild goose chase to find this Less Actives house. I can't address in America, let alone in Korea, but after walking up every street we foound it! Later, my ears hurt so bad and were super itchy. I kindof just ignored it and then later we were at our MCM Leaders house and somehow got talking about the beginning stages of frostbite. Hahaha yes. I got frostbitten. Stupid. And our MCM leader is like my Korean Dad and gave me the talk about why we wear a hat...hahaha. 

We had the coolest appointment, I think of my mission, this week. We are teaching this girl right now, 이시은, and she's seriously so prepared. Before we met her she had never prayed before or even heard of the word baptism. It was cute, when she was saying the closing prayer she said the word baptism wrong because she seriously couldn't remember what this new foriegn word was! She is soaking in the Book of Mormon like a sponge and just takes every verse to heart. She asks us to send her texts of scriptures randomly during the day and then she'll screenshot it and put it as her background. (SO CUTE) We taught her about Baptism this week and she just lit up and told us how she believed everything we have been teaching her. 

Watching Christ's love and light touch her life the last couple weeks has been incredible. It truly has the power to change lives. 

Sending love!

Sister Stout

Monday, January 22, 2018


 Packing all of Sister Oh's stuff was, holy cow, she has a lot of stuff, so much work! We put her boxes on her penny board and Elder Lee rode it to the Post Office.

Saying goodbye to Sister Oh, and Hello to Sister Monson! She is the other girl standing next to me!

 We went bowling with the youth this week. There seriously the coolest about brought friends and everything.

Hey everybody!!

Today has been one of those crazy transfer days, aka I have no time! Sorry. But hey, this week was fantastic. I'm staying in Gyeongju, and Sister Oh left to Jeju! Somehow, Sister Oh seemed to pack up the whole house and off she went! I always teased her that she had a lot of stuff, but didn't realize how much until we had to pack it all up! Good times. My new companion is Sister Monson, she is actually who Sister Oh is replacing on Jeju, we played the switcharoo game! I'm really excited for this transfer!!

This week has just been so busy! Last weeks of the transfer are always the best! Some highlights, we went bowling with the youth and they're literally angels and invited friends. It was the best! They're everyone's goals. 

Weird story of the week. We were at our service activity this week and I was stirring the soup and all of a sudden I look down and I stirred up a fish head! Eyes and everything!! I think it gave me a heart attack. Except then they explained it's healthier that way and the soup sucks in nutrients from the fish head. Beeecause everyone wants nutrients from fish eyes. Yum, I had to gag the soup down just knowing the fish head had been swimming in it!

There is so much to share and such little time, but I just want to share a quote I shared in my talk on Sunday that I've been thinking about a lot lately. It's from Conference 2017, I don't know why, but I can't remember who from right now, but "Being happy doesn't mean to slap a plastic smile on your face no matter what is going on. But it does mean keeping the laws of God and building and lifting others." 

I send my love!

Sister Stout