Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017

A less active took us all to dinner. And Elder Lee's legs were hurting and so the lady brought him out a little stool to sit on so he didn't have to sit cross legged and it was SO funny. They brought him out baby chopsticks too. The struggle was real!

A failed picture we tried to take on the bus. (Just for you, it's blurry)

We had FHE at a members house and played the flour game. It was so fun, their kids loved it!

Hello Family!

Ah what a week. As always, too much to type and no time.

Transfer calls came. Sister Oh and I will be staying in Gyeongju and STLing. We are super excited we get to stay together another transfer. But plot twist, they broke up the fantastic four early and Elder Schimbeck got transfered out of Gyeongju. We were super sad, but he's going to go do great things other places! 

We have a less active we visit every week named Gulmira and she's from Khazakstan. We are helping her learn Korean and just help her live more comfortabely in Korea. She's absolutely adorable and has the cutest little girl. Their family is just so cute. So when we teach her we have to use a translater. Anywho, she's been needing a job. But because she can't speak Korean, it's hard, she doesn't have a car, so it has to be close, and she has to be home by 5 to take care of her little girl when she gets home from preschool. AKA their are so many restrictions. We've just been praying like crazy for us to be able to help her find a job, and the Elders have been trying to help her husband find one too. Because they don't know Korean, they can't really just call places, and reading the newspaper to find new jobs is hard, so we've been helping them after our appointments. When we met with Gulmira a couple weeks ago we promised her if she kept our commitments and came to church, that the Lord would provide and she would find a job. We've been praying like crazy for everything to work out. Last week the Elders found her husband, Slava, a job!! And this week we were able to find Gulmira a job that fits perfectly with all of her restrictions. It was such a cool testimony builder to us all that the Lord will always provide when we put Him first. I'm so thankful for this time I have to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. Serving a mission has been the best decision I've ever made and there is no where else I'd rather be. To any of my cute friends, if you're thinking about serving a mission or aren't sure, my advice to you is to do it. You won't regret it I promise.❤

Merry Christmas Season everyone!

Sister Stout

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hello Hello!

This picture looks all lame, but it was soo high up and we were sitting on the ledge of the rock. We obviously need to work on our angles.

Sister Oh is soo scared of heights, so she was freaking out that I was touching her up high.

This is the monk from the story! He took the one picture, and the other I took from above before he called us over to come talk to him.

And the last one was the best day every. Ignore my face, but we woke up that morning, got ready, and then Sister Oh was like, woah it happened. And I was like...what? "You look like a Korean." YES nailed it!! 

Hey everybody!!

I don't have a ton of time, but wanted to share the coolest miracle we saw this week. So on P-day we went hiking with the Elders. My sweet companion was a trooper, because she seriously hates hiking so much. She didn't say anything about it until we got there and started hiking, but she did great. So one miracle, she made it there and back alive! She was convinced she would die up there. The hike we went on was a Buddhist hike, so the whole way up there are different statues you can stop at, and it's super cool. Anyways so we made it to the top (again, that was one miracle) And there was a cool Buddhist statue that we missed, so we were trying to find it. Finally we saw it down below, but couldn't figure out how to get down to it. All of a sudden this monk appears at the statue and is yelling at us to come down and tells us how to get there. We all start running down to meet up with this monk.

(Random back story, Sister Oh and I have been studying Polygamy. Why? I don't know. She's been a member of the church for 6 years, so she doesn't know a lot of the history so I've been teaching her some. But one thing we were talking about last week, was she didn't know that Brigham Young and some other prophets excersized Polygamy. So we have been talking about that and researching it. Fun stuff. Except we kept thinking, this doesn't seem like what we should be spending out time on studying. I just shrugged it off and felt like it was important for her to know!)

We get down to this monk and start talking to him, and he realized who we are and says, hey I've been to your church! And we were like..what? "I've been to your church in Salt Lake!" .....what? He was in Utah over 10 years ago and went to General Conference in Salt Lake and toured Temple Square, but had never talked with the missionaries before, and he had tons of questions about our church and beliefs. It was SO cool. So we sat up on a ledge up in the mountain, over looking the valley, next to this huge Buddha, teaching him about our church and answering all his questions. (It was so beautiful, like out of a movie.) One of his major questions being about Polygamy, and it was all stuff I wouldn't know if we hadn't been studying the history of it. He invited us to come to his house that following Friday, so we were able to meet with him again. It was such a huge testimony builder to me of how the Lord always puts people we need to meet in our path and everything is his plan. Everything is always his plan!!

Now, forwarding to that Friday, we went with the Elders to his house. He lived like up in middle of nowhere. So we went and were able to talk with him, and finish answering some of his questions. And he wanted to tell us about our future. I didn't know that Monks did this, but apparently they read your palm and depending on your birthday, will tell you about your future. Mistake. So he did me first, and for some reason he liked picking on me because he just kept coming back to me and adding to my future, except I don't know if he had anything good to say about my future! To sum it all up, he said I'm going to have a hard time keeping a boyfriend, won't get married before I'm 30, and if I do it'll end badly. When I finally get married my first born child will have a lot of health issues and my husband will work far away from home and I'll only see him on the weekends. That I have a weak heart, and I get my energy from the sun, so in order to keep my heart healthy I need to live somewhere warm. That I am always happy and my heart has no room for anger. That I shouldn't study nursing, it doesn't fit me, that I need to study counseling, because he says he thinks I like to talk a lot and have a strong mind. He kept saying, "You had a boyfriend and you never listening to anything he said did you? Because you are strong minded and like to do what you want. " And I was like whhhat??? It was really embarrassing and also really funny. I also learned, I never want to be a monk because it would be so lonely and their bathrooms are like little outhouses in the woods. (If you ever visit a monk's house, don't ask them to use their bathroom.) The Church is true!

I love you all!
Sister Stout  

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

On P-day we went to an escape room for Sister Oh's birthday (which was Wednesdsay) It was super fun! We did a crime scene one, so we were like hand cuffed to the wall, trying to figure out the riddle before the person came back....we got killed. We couldn't figure it out.

Sister Oh's birthday!!

We went to lunch with our Young Women for Sister Oh's birthday!

This is our recent converts dog, okay its so cute. I love this dog, it's so small, but has so much energy! And it may or may not be in my suit case later.

Last one!! We had a Musical fireside this week and so after we all went to lunch at this place called Mom's Touch. Mom's Touch is pretty much American styled burgers, with a Korean twist on them, but it does the trick!

Hello Everyone!!

So much to say and so little time!! This week was Sister Oh's birthday, so we kept the party going all week. It was soo much fun. So for her birthday I got up in the night and decorated the house, we did a bunch of fun stuff. I made her Blonde Brownies and she loved them. Except after she said, that was so good, but I could never eat that for a meal. And I was like...what? Why would you eat that for a meal? And she said, isn't that a meal in America? Your mom doesn't just make a pan of brownies and you eat them for dinner? She was shocked! So we had a talk about cultural differences and stereotypes and it was hilarious. She also said she always thought American's slept with shoes on...I have no idea where that came from. And that we only eat bread, pizza and hamburgers. It was great, because then after she asked, What is the stereotype for Asians in America?? And I was like, Let me tell you about Yellowstone. Good talk, good talk.

Another bonus to this week, randomly Monday night all of our hot water, heater, and stove stopped working. We called the mission home and the APs were like...hmmm...we'll work on it. Showering was like doing the Polar Plunge, and I was already sick. We did all of our studies at the church to use their heater because its been so cold. After 2 days, we called the APs again and essentially said we were dying over here. They checked somethings, and turns out they forgot to pay our bill. It got paid and all warmness was restored in our house! It was a Thanksgiving Miracle!

So every week we help out at a Food Shelter by our house. We help dish up people who come in, and it's hopping! It's the place for all the poor little Grandma and Grandpas to come. Kind of an interesting culture thing. In Korea there isn't any program set up for the Elderly. At all. It's so sad. So to pay for themselves they walk around with this huge carts picking up cardboard, that they then sell to these junk yards for money. And most of them make little gardens in the mountains that they sell stuff along the street at the outdoor market. It breaks my heart because Korea is such a developed country, but then there are all these little hunched over 80+ year old Grandmas pulling a cart down the road full of cardboard. I don't think I'll ever understand.

Crazy Miracle this week! After our having no warm water issue, we were kindof just done. One particular night, all of our appointments canceled on us. Safe to say, it was a lame night. Right now our mission is doing a Book of Mormon reading challenge, in order to finish it by Christmas. After reading that morning we had talked about how everything happens for a reason and how the Lord lays our path. Except now here we were, cold, no appointments, and walking home down this dirt road in the dark. Super bummed, but this lady walks out of her house, we say hello and start talking to her. Turns out the missionaries used to come to her house a few years ago and she asked us to come back and visit with her. We were so excited, and now she's a new investigator. It was another testimony builder to me that everything is the Lord's plan, and if we just trust Him, everything will always work out the way it should. 

Sending Love!
Sister Stout

Monday, November 20, 2017

Earhquakes, miracles, oh and more Earthquakes

Last P-day!!

Emergency alerts we got on our phone for all the Earthquakes

And Sister Oh and I have been craving Banana bread so I attempted making some!

 I asked Sister Oh what we should do to pose, and she said, hmm okay you be the bell and I'll be the stick... She's super funny!

Hey everybody!!

This week, um yeah. SO much happened.

The week started off with going to a super famous Buddhist Temple for P-day. It was the biggest one I've ever been to. Buddhism is such a confusing, but interesting religion. 

We also had exchanges! I went back to Pohang for exchanges...that was weird. It was like going back to my old house, but none of my stuff was there. It felt like my companion was cheating on me! Anyways, there was this girl that I had met on the bus and we texted her everyday for almost the whole transfer, because she couldn't meet because she was busy with work, but we got super close with her. Well then she randomly dropped off the face of the Earth, we were so sad, then I transferred. Well, she called them a couple weeks ago to set up an appointment, anyways, so during exchanges I got to meet her! That was awesome, a huge blessing! 
That night we went door knocking, which was actually the first time I've gone my whole mission! It's not something we do much of here! Everyone has locks on their buildings and it's just more effective on the streets, except when it's so cold outside, there is no one to be seen! We go to the first door, on the fifteenth floor, knock. Silence. We could hear them coming to the door. So we waited. Waited. Ah yes here they come, well turns out they didn't actually hear the knock, they were just leaving the house. So what do you do when you open your front door and there is just these two girls standing there? Yes, this like 25 year old man and his mom scream and jump back like we were ghosts! Well, I didn't expect them to scream, so they scared me, so I jumped back and screamed! And my companion was awkwardly tucked around the corner so no one could see her... I had no words and neither did they! So we both just sat there staring at each other for a minute horrified! Then my companion peaks around the corner and gives them a nice spill, as their faces remain the exact same, horrified looking at me, and off we went. Seriously, the most scary experience of my life, also the first and last time I ever want to knock doors again.

And...oh yes Earthquakes. This week has been insane. So we had District Meeting in Pohang, right as our bus pulls out of the bus terminal, we get an alert on our phones saying that a 5.5 earthquake just hit Pohang. Thanks to the shocks of the bus, we didn't feel anything. Our poor Pohang missionaries sure took a scare though. One of the Sisters took a brick to the head and the other the shoulder, Heavenly Father sure was taking care of them, because they're fine! And since then we've had 7 earthquakes this week! We were looking it up at church with the members and it turns out that my area is sitting in middle of a mine of fault lines that are all suddenly deciding to be active! Korea like never has earthquakes. Our MCM leader talked to us about earthquake safety at church because there is supposed to be the biggest earthquake Korea has had in hundreds and hundreds of years coming this month. ....Korea is so not built for Earthquakes. 

Now, the funny earthquake story. So after District Meeting we were able to meet with a new investigator at her house. So when we got there, woah. It was like being blasted to the past! Her house is a super old Korean house, like the floor and walls were made out of dirt and there were parts you had to duck under wooden beams. Super crazy. I've never seen a house like that before! We were able to teach her, learn about her, the lesson went awesome, and I was saying the closing prayer. Half way through the closing prayer the whole house starts shaking!! Round two of the earthquake!! She's all of a sudden screaming GET OUT OF THE HOUSE SISTERS!!! Long story short, I never got to finish my prayer and that was the weirdest end of an appointment ever. And amidst of all the crazy we found a bunch of new investigators and have been seeing all kinds of miracles!! 

I love you all!! 
Sister Stout