Wednesday, March 14, 2018


My New Companion!

Our Church Building!

Hello everybody!

This week was insane! We are the only Sisters in the whole zone, which somehow turns us into the District Sisters. We are pretty much over 3 areas. We attend all of their activities and are teaching people in all of the areas. I keep laughing at it, because I am the absolute worst at directions and now they're throwing me in bigger city with more areas and I'm convinced I'm just going to get lost. Plus I have to teach three English classes a week now, and I'm just not that good at English. 

This week I met so many new people and so much happened. Keeping it at the basics, I met the Daysheen Grandma. She calls herself the Grandma of all missionaries. It's kindof funny, because she's a little tired in the head and so she really just slams everyone. Visiting her is hilarious. The first time we went and visited her, she called us after and was talking to my companion and was like, why did they send such a stupid ugly new Sister Missionary? I was like...hmmmm welcome to the new area. Hahaha. Then we visited her again on Sunday and she came and gave me a hug and was like, wow, I'm so glad they sent such a beautiful new Sister to replace the other.... Haha. Emotional roller coasters here we go. It'll keep me on my toes!

We had STLTM and MLCM this week. Miracle, it was in Sister Oleson's area so I got to see her for a hot second. The beeest. We also got to see tons of snow on our train ride there, it was like a little touch from Utah. During our meeting, we got a bunch of new news with our fancy smart phones. From now on our Area book will be on our phone digitally. Wow, how convenient. Except for for the poor suckers who have to go through every old record and type it in, oh ha yes us. 10 years from now people are going to be using the phone saying, wow I bet it was horrible having to type in all of these old records. And I'll say, Yes. However, the work is going on!

As part of our meeting we did a proselyting activity. Pretty much we just went out and proselyted for an hour and a half and then had to come back and report our stats and have a little mini testimony meeting. During the activity we ran into a lady from America who is here teaching English. She had a bunch of questions about our church she had always had, but never met missionaries to ask. It was a cool miracle to see how the Lord allowed our paths to cross all the way here in Korea. 

This Branch here is tiny. At church we had a solid 5 members. Our Branch President comes from a different area to help out, and as for the rest, it's the missionaries. It definitely has a different feel that Gyeongju, but it'll be a good change. 

This week has gotten me thinking a lot about a verse in Alma 26:2, "And now, I ask, what great blessings has he bestowed upon us? Can you tell?" 

There are so many blessings the Lord has given us and he continues to. As we take time to notice them there are miracles to be seen everywhere. 

Sending love!

Sister Stout

Monday, March 5, 2018


Last District Picture

Our last District P-day we went to an escape room!

Saying Goodbye to Rosalinda!

Saying goodbye to Sister Oleson....MTC all over again!

English Camp this week!

Saying Goodbye to my favorite little girl in the branch!

Hello everybody!!

Well another transfer came and went and I got shipped off to 대신/괴정. (I don't know how to spell that in English..I'll figure it out maybe later.) This is the first time I've ever served in bigger city, I mean I've never even been in an area with a Subway, so this will be interesting! Leaving Gyeongju was the worst, I just hate goodbyes in general and I'm bad at them. It was really just a disaster all around. This new transfer also marks the first time on my mission, besides like a couple weeks, that I won't be able to call Sister Oleson whenever I want to. So that sucks a lot. I feel like I'm leaving to go to the MTC all over again. BUT it's going to a great new transfer! I'm excited to see all the miracles coming. My new companion's name is Sister 주은수. She just finished training and is adorable! 

This past week we spent every day in Pohang, except Saturday. New record! Our dear District Leader I've served with the past three transfers, Elder Schupp, went back home to Germany today. (Another darn goodbye, definitely my least favorite part about missionary work.) So it was fun to be able to spend time a lot of time all together this week. In Pohang we had an English Camp we helped out with. Woah, they planned good. It was super awesome. Lots of kids came and it turned out great. I got a weeee bit sick and was loosing my voice, so I sounded stupid trying to talk loud enough to keep the kids attention, and sounded like a dying horse by the end of the day! But, it was totally worth it.

This week it feels like we just spent running, a lot of good byes, and off to a new transfer. New starts and change are always necessary and good in the end, but dang it. Sometimes they hurt! 

I'm running low on time because of transfers, but it you have time this week, we studied the talk "The Reason for Our Hope" by President Packer (October 2014 General Conference) in Sunday School this week and it was so powerful. Give it a read.

Be safe, sending love.

Sister Stout

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hey hey again.... February 25, 2018

Hey hey again.

This week was like the best week of my mission, and also probably the worst. Haha it's funny how those always seem to go together. We had one investigator we've been meeting with since I got here shoot downhill, but hey our other investigators progressed so much this week. Annnnd so we're going to focus on that!

Highlights of this week. We started the week renting Tandem bikes for P-day with the Elders. Talk about being connected as a companionship👌 We spent the whole day riding around and exploring our area. We found some cool things, almost hit some people, and got all kinds of weird looks. I guess its not very often you see two Americans riding a bright yellow two seater bike down the road.

We got to go on exchanges twice this week, THE best. On one of the exchanges we were talking about movies late one night and the Korean sister i was with said one of her favorite American movies is, "The Fart in our Stars." Ah Yes, to each his own😂

We had some super awesome appointments with investigators and members this week. We had one appointment with our investigator and a member who came and as we were sharing our message our investigator shared her testimony on the power of the Book of Mormon and prayer. She shared how the first time she met us was the first time she ever had prayed and how it was changing her life. This girl is seriously amazing. Her love for the Book of Mormon inspires me. Her testimony is on fire and she's growing so much! 

We had an interesting Sunday, but the coolest miracle. We have an investigator we met the other week whose younger and we haven't really been able to meet meet her, shes always so busy with school she only has time to come to church on Sunday. Definitely not complaining. Anyways, she's gotten really tight with the young woman and leaders in the branch, like she literally doesn't even need us, these branch members are amazing! She came running up to us before Young Women's and said, hey will you teach me how to pray? I'm the closing prayer. It was the first time she had ever prayed! Then after church she had all these questions about church vocab she didn't understand and baptism. Super neat. The power of member missionary work is intense.

Transfer calls are coming this week. We finally get good at living here as two super white Americans, and it could be over. I mean when we cross the street now, cars actually stop! Not ready if I'm ready to leave Gyeongju but here we go.

Last I just wanted to share a quote I read this week. It's from Elder Holland's October 2013 General Conference talk, "Like a Broken Bessie." It said, "...remember the Saviors own anguished example: if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting in happier days ahead." Things don't always end how we think, or go as we expect, but I learned a lot this week that in the end, it always goes as the Lord plans. Sometimes that is the worst pill to swallow, it seems unfair, or hard to understand, but the Lord knows each of our hearts and needs. I know He knows and is looking out for each of you. 

Sending love♡

Sister Stout 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy Chinese New Year everybody! We kicked off the week going with our district to a Meerkat cafe. Confusion aside, not a place where you eat them, but you can buy drinks and sit and play with them. It's a magical thing, there are friendly Meerkats, Raccoons, those small Kangaroos that may as well be called Kangaroos because that's what everyone calls them anyways...obviously it was a great day. 

Anyways, Chinese New Year!! is huge here, way bigger than Christmas. (sad) Big holidays normally mean no one on the streets, which is true, but in my area it means there are a million foreigners. I've never seen more foreigners in Korea than I have this week! They always say the only scary thing about Korea are the foreigners, which after this week, I fully agree. Everyone was out of town for the most part this week, so we weren't able to meet with very many people, but we took that time to heart attack all of the members front doors. Along the way we met a lot of really cool people, just all around was a good time!

A cool miracle form this week! On Sunday we were sitting with one of our investigators, Sacrament ended, and there is this lady sitting in the back of the room that I've never seen before. We go up and start talking to her, turns out she started investigating the church like 10 years ago and used to come to church all the time. She had a baptismal service and right before it started, her husband called and said if she went through with it to not come home. She still loves the church and knows it's true. It's so amazing how much some people have to sacrifice for the church, when I feel like I've just always had it. I feel like that is a lesson I'm never going to stop learning.

Sending love!

Sister Stout