Monday, July 17, 2017

Pottery and Prepared People! July 17, 2017

A sign we helped make for a girl in our ward who just got home from her mission

The pottery place in the mountains


Hottest day of the summer!

All of our travel time back and forth on the bus!

Waiting for the Elders to finish a lesson with the man's daughter

My cute Milyang district!

Hey everyone!!

This week was so cool. Sunday, Bishop comes up to us and says that this man called him and wants to come to church. He came to church, started taking lessons and is soaking everything in like a sponge. It is SO COOL. He has a cute little daughter we take care of while the Elders teach him. It has been so cool to see how prepared and ready he is for the gospel. I can't wait to see where it goes!

I don't think I'll ever get over how adorable our investigators are either, they just get better and better. Our investigator, Georgia, has been worried that I'm going to transfer soon like Sister Brady, so she decided she wanted to take me to do everything we've talked about doing. She called us this week and said she made us a pottery appointment and would pick us up in 20 minutes. Thankfully we had no appointments and off we went! She drove us up to this Pottery Museum. It's up in the mountains in this valley that has nothing, I've never seen so much open land in Korea! The whole area is protected because it's where they made pottery a loooong time ago. People dig up old pottery there all of the time. In this museum you can walk around and see all the pottery and then take a pottery class. So we went and made pots up in the mountains where ancient Koreans made pots! It was the funnest thing ever. 

Besides the heat stroke, everything is moving right along in Korea! This week it got so hot that President told us all to stay inside during the afternoon. Nothing better than showering all day long, bring the heat and the miracles!
Sending Love!!

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