Monday, July 10, 2017

Plot Twist and Rain...July 9, 2017

Sister PakSoYoung and I went to lunch for P-day last week.

We got trapped by all the rain in a little tunnel without our umbrellas after an appointment.

Zone Conference, we're all in the same zone! I don't know who thought that was a good idea, but I'm pumped!

Our threesome attempting to throw another bed in our room! 

Hey hey!!

This week has been even more crazy than last week! It has been dumping buckets of rain! Thank goodness, Korea is in middle of a huge drought right now. Thanks to the lack of rain, it's supposed to be an unusually hot summer!

We got a phone call Friday night right before bed from the APs saying we were getting a new assignment. We needed to be at the Mission home the next day by 11 to pick up our new companion and would be over two areas. Definitely through us off guard! We are now in a threesome and over two areas that are 2 and a half hours apart! No idea how we're going to swing this, but it's going to be awesome. Our new companions name is Sister Cordero and she's awesome! Who knew thats where this transfer would take us! 

The best part of our week was our investigator got another answer to her prayers! Everytime she shows up with this glow on her face and is getting closer and closer. It's amazing how much prayer can change your life. She always says how she can't believe she's never done this before. She is becoming like my Korean mom, she buys me bread, texts me to make sure I'm home safe, she's just the greatest! She has the light of Christ in her so brightly and I'm so excited to see where it takes her!
Love everybody!!
Love, Sister Stout

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