Monday, July 31, 2017

Getting Transferred! July 30, 2017

Saying good bye to the ward pictures!

Shoutout to Dayanara is you're reading this!

Our boat ride last P-day to the island again!

 Saying good bye to Georgia yesterday, she took us out to this bakery and bought so many breads and pastries

Hey everybody!!

I really don't even know exactly where to start with this week because so much happened. Thanks to the hottest summer Korea has ever had we have gotten to see all kinds of cool poisonous jelly fish that are coming close to the coast of Korea because of global warming. (Or at least that's what we're told.) Mixed with some killer humidity and our recent convert told me I looked like Emma Watson, not the cute red carpet version, but the Harry Potter version! 

So we were out walking around this week and as 9 was getting closer we decided to quick grab a bus home. When we got to the stop a bus was coming and I was thinking yes this totally goes home! We jump on the bus, not a worry in my mind, until the bus starts to go into the far left lane, headed for the tunnel that takes us to Changwon. There was no going back, we were off! When we finally got to Changwon, we grabbed the first bus heading back to Jinhae, which was so jam packed with people. I still had no idea how I didn't remember that bus went to Changwon, I knew that! Then it all became clear when I hear my name and turn around, there is our investigator that we hadn't been able to get a hold of for weeks! We were able to talk with her the whole bus ride home and sent up an appointment. It was awesome! All of these little things adding up help me never forget how the Lord really does lead this whole work. It is the coolest thing to be part of. 

This week we had two big ward parties this week. We got to help put on a Primary party and then a Sister in our ward came home from her mission there was a big party at her house. I'd been missing sitting around the fire during the summer with everybody, and it was almost the same thing, but with the ward! We ate, played games and people preformed songs. It was the best night. 

The next morning we are sitting doing our planning before heading out the door to church and get a phone call from the APs. With all of the random transferring and two area business we've had going on, it wasn't the weirdest thing. The weird part was he said, Can I talk to Sister Stout? They never ask to talk to me! Anyways, he says, Sister Stout we are thankful for all of your hard work and service in Jinhae, but you have been reassigned. It's not even transfer weekend! Just random out of the blue!! I think my jaw hit the floor. He said say good bye to everyone you need to today and then we will see you at the Mission Home tomorrow. I still can't believe it! I am being transferred to 포항 (Pohang) which is on the other side of the mission, along the East Coast of Korea. I guess a Sister there is going home early, and I'm going to be her companion's new companion for the next week until transfers...which is when my new companion will be going home and I will be the lead of the area. Essentially I have 5 days to learn all about a new area, it'll be an adventure! So we spent Sunday squeezing in visiting all of our investigators quick before I left and wrapping things up. 

With everything that has happened this week it has had me thinking a lot about how thankful I am to have served here and the people I've been able to meet. The Lord's hand truly is in every part of the work and of our lives. He leads it all and is there all along, even when we don't recognize it.
Love you all!
Sister Stout

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